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Who We Are

Warschild Foundation

Committed to progress.


The Warschild Foundation is a private family foundation committed to progress in the social, economic and environmental spheres, founded by Ertan Enginalev in 2009.

The organization focuses on alleviating the world's most pressing development challenges through private capital and by promoting civil society involvement.

We all have a responsibility to improve the welfare of humanity, to make a positive impact and protect the environment for future generations.


Social Development


Economic Development


Environmental Preservation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Major transformational change often starts with small, seemingly insignificant acts that later prove to be monumental.

1What are the focus areas of the Warschild Foundation?
The Warschild Foundation focuses on three high impact areas: Social Development, Economic Development and Environmental Preservation. We believe that more than 80 percent of the world's most pressing development challenges can be addressed through public-private partnerships and by strengthening factors that increase civil society involvement through targeted initiatives.
2What makes the Warschild Foundation approach unique?
We strive to be aggressively good by applying private sector discipline to our non-profit activities. This means, we only pursue high impact initiatives with a clear path to continued progress.
3Does the Warschild Foundation accept grant proposals?
No. The Warschild Foundation does not solicit grant applications.
4How does the Warschild Foundation decide what initiatives to undertake and/or fund?
We will only target global challenges where we can unite experts and leverage our proficiency to attack the root of the problem instead of just masking the symptoms. Sustainable solutions require multi-stakeholder engagement and effective implementation.